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Greetings and Welcome to you from Greater Christian Fellowship Church!

We believe that the special menu God has prepared for you at Greater Christian Fellowship Church will continually feed your hungry spirit, and that you will be the better for worshiping with us!


No matter what situation you are in or the lifestyle you may lead, remember that we love you and want to share the message of hope and peace that comes only from worshiping God through His Son, Jesus Christ.


Greater Christian Fellowship is alive with ministries and activities that will enrich your life and that of your family. We invite you to worship with us at your earliest convenience as you feel led by God's Spirit.


As you go through your week, we pray that you will go with God and know that He will always go with You.

God's richest and best be yours as you seek Him first.


In the service of the KING,

Eric Reochus Lamb, Senior Pastor

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